Sunday, 11 October 2015

Lazy Sundays

I have spent the morning self promoting. I cringe every time I do it because I find it so incredibly narcissistic, but in this dog eat dog world of indie authors I'm starting to understand that if you want people to notice you, you've got to stamp and shout and shake those maracas.

I do have a wonderful group of cheerleaders who constantly pimp me out at every opportunity and help to spread the word, and that helps loads. 

I've been sharing links to my official promotions today. I'm having a cover reveal, a release day blitz and a blog tour. 

Everything seems to be snow balling really quickly and I feel almost powerless to stop it now! Not that I will. I wouldn't be allowed! Too maybe people behind me would refuse to let me I think! 

My plan is to write every day, but please don't judge if I don't! 

Have a great Sunday

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