Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Another day closer...

In seventeen days, my beautiful book cover, created and designed by the wonderfully talented L J Stock, will be revealed to all. I'm rather excited about this part of the proceedings, mainly 'cause it's not me who is on show and up for scrutiny. I can promote the shit out of it without looking like I'm showing off! 

LJ is also an ridiculous wordsmith. Check out the links to all her pages...

I've kind of unofficially, officially told everyone my release date as well, which is kinda not that scary because it wasn't a huge announcement. Once my banner goes up though, it will be broadcast a bit more. 

Anywa... It's been a long day today, so I am going to crawl under my duvet and hopefully wake refreshed and new for the day ahead! 

Ciao, trumpeters!

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